You know there must be more than what you’re living day-to-day right now.

You are finally ready to answer your “soul whispers” — those little nudges that having been telling you that you are meant to have, or do, something different in this world?

Perhaps you know exactly what it is you need to do, you just need help figuring out the “how”.

You’ve been in a committed long-distance relationship for more than 6 months now and you’re having a hard time hanging on.




Let me help.

I’m Dawn Priestley and I’m a Life Coach.

I believe that Purpose is a way of living; that our Passions fuel our Purpose; and that if we can put our strengths to use we can feel joy on a daily basis.

It’s my mission to help you get from where you are – to where you want to be.

To help you move through times of transition with grace and self-love.

I’m all about digging deep to discover what your soul truly desires, and then doing the work to make that a reality.

I hold a beautiful, nurturing space for you to open up about those dreams and important things in your life you perhaps haven’t been able to share with family and friends yet.

For example, coaching with me is right for you if:

icon-circle-arrow-rightyou’re in a job you just simply “fell into”, and you know it’s time for a change;


you once had dreams, but have forgotten what they are;


you’re not playing to your strengths everyday and feeling that sense of fulfillment you deserve; or


you’re in a long-distance relationship and are having a hard time coping.


Have questions? Not sure?? Want to find out more about what I do???

That’s completely fine! I totally get it!! I remember the first time I signed up to work with a Life Coach, I had NO idea what it would be like or if I was even doing the right thing.

I just knew I had to do it (and boy am I glad I did).

You can book in for a completely FREE, no obligation 30-45 minute Skype chat so I can answer your questions and you can see if we’re the right fit to work together.

Please don’t feel nervous about booking one of these chats – I genuinely love connecting with people in this way.

You can book in using the button below, or you can also send me an email with any questions to hello (at) DawnPriestley (dot) com – I’ll get back to you right away!!


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