Money blocks – and how to clear them

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a big money goal for this year.

I’m pretty good at attracting the money… but alas, it seems to flow through my hands like water. (OK family – you can quit laughing now!)

Lots of women have big blocks and fears around money or they feel like they’ve hit an income limit. Or maybe the money just flows right through your hands as well. Maybe you think your biggest income month was a fluke or you’re frustrated about raising your prices.

I want to introduce my friend and mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas. She’s a mindset coach and the author of the awesome book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.


She’s teaching me about how to manifest more money in my life as well as how to hold on to it. 

She also has a special free resource – a 30 minute money audio class where she takes you through 7 common blocks (like bartering or undercharging) and helps you clear it right then with scripts of exactly what to say and do.

You can get immediate access here (it’s free)!

She also has an amazing Money Bootcamp (which I highly recommend) – it’s a MUST-DO resource for all female entrepreneurs who want to be successful.

If you know that this is your year to finally get over your money “stuff” you should check it out.

Denise is the real deal.  She reminds me a lot of my other Aussie friend, Jo.

Lately I’ve been ravenously reading and watching everything she’s put out into the world (she’s even on the cover of my Inspired Coach magazine this month). I am certainly going to sign up for her Money Bootcamp as soon as it opens up again this fall. 

Again, you can get Denise’s free webinar here.

Here’s to an abundant year – for both of us!

~ Dawn xo

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