Serendipity is a beautiful thing

I completed my first Desire Map 1:1 session today (it was actually two parts)! What a beautiful thing. Now I remember why I signed up to become a facilitator – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this work.


My client did a fantastic job of defining her Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s).


While she was focusing in on her CDF’s we were discussing the word “feminine” and I mentioned “Shakti”… she came back with “Kuan Yin”.  I immediately said… “I know this, why do I know this name?”  She explained to me that Kuan Yin was a Chinese god of femininity.  She described how she looked to me, very similar to my statue on the “altar” that we had created together.

A-ha! I now know where I’ve heard this name. I ran down to my office and grabbed my latest oracle deck.



I decided she should pull a card before we wrapped up the session.  She pulled “Drink From the Emerald Fountain”. The description was perfect for her…

“The Divine Feminine is encouraging of the awakening and empowerment of all living beings. When a sincere seeker is trying to find he way through, there is much help sent. It makes sense to be open to receive it, indeed to step forward and drink from the emerald fountain which is the unconditionally loving heart chakra of Kuan Yin. Allow yourself to be nourished by the power and love of the Divine Mother flowing to you now,”

Turns out that Kuan Yin (or Guanyin) is also the Mother of Compassion who guides us to our enlightenment, which is being able to live in harmony and unity with Love. She pulls us back to the Divine Feminine.

I am loving the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck.  It seems so completely relevant every time I pull a card.  Really lovely.

In the comments section below, please tell me…

  • Do you use card or oracle decks in your practice?
  • Which one(s) do you like?
  • Tell me about serendipity experienced with your deck?

~ Dawn  xo

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