About Dawn

You deserve to do work with purpose…

 So what does that really mean?

It means getting clear, once and for all, about what you desire. And then going after it!

It means figuring out your strengths and the gifts you have to offer and putting them to use.

It means moving through fear and finding out exactly what’s next on your life and career journey.

It means realizing that you are truly meant for great things in this world.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? We can make it happen!

To be clear though, I can’t “fix” your life or your problems. Only you can do that.

But, I can help you discover your strengths and play to them on a daily basis so you are in that groovy state of flow and feeling more fulfilled in your life and career. We’ll create a plan of action to help you implement your strengths in all areas of your life!

Here’s a little more about me:

  • When I wake up in the morning, the very first thought in my mind is: how can I play to my strengths today and do that which will excite and fulfill me?

  • And after that: coffee!

  • My heart glows when I can make a difference in a client’s life, and my heart breaks when they can’t seem to get out of their own way.

  • My clients are my biggest cheerleaders. More than anything else, I care about helping them to follow their curiosity, explore their passions, discover their strengths and find work that is meaningful and gives purpose to their lives.

  • I care about helping my clients navigate their long-distance relationship with grace and contentment.

  • In my world glitter is an absolute necessity. And dark chocolate is always a fabulous idea.

  • The news is overrated and trashy magazines are a definite NO.

  • Fantasizing about what to create next in the world is totally reasonable. Striving for fulfillment while doing so is a must.

  • But at the end of the day, being content and experiencing love is all that really matters.

  • When I grow up, I want to be remembered as the person who helped a lot of people figure out WHO THEY WANTED TO BE when they grew up.

  • And who inspired others to live life to the fullest and be curious about everything!


I’m a wife, a mom, a scrapbooker, a traveler, a lover of anything vintage or antique and an eternal student.

Now that you know about me… I’d love to connect with you soon.

With much love and glitter,

~ Dawn xo

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