How Marie Forleo’s B-School Almost Drove Me To A Nervous Breakdown

  I’ve had a lot of businesses over the years… and they’ve all failed. By lots I probably mean ten or more. Crazy hey? And maybe I don’t mean “failed”… but just that I lost interest or it just didn’t feel right after a while. And mind you, they were all with direct sales companies so […]

Get a Life

Okay kids… I came across a piece of paper the other day – it had been hidden in a pile of papers I’ve been harbouring for a very long time. Every time I moved it came with me. I’d obviously hung it up on a wall somewhere at a time long ago. I thought I’d share it […]

Guest Post :: Why I’m in Love… with Network Marketing

There are people who love network marketing and there are people that hate it. I happen to fall into the category of folks who love it. My mission is not to convince you to love or hate it. I’m only going to share with you why I love it. Prior to having kids and shortly […]