How Marie Forleo’s B-School Almost Drove Me To A Nervous Breakdown

  I’ve had a lot of businesses over the years… and they’ve all failed. By lots I probably mean ten or more. Crazy hey? And maybe I don’t mean “failed”… but just that I lost interest or it just didn’t feel right after a while. And mind you, they were all with direct sales companies so […]

Get a Life

Okay kids… I came across a piece of paper the other day – it had been hidden in a pile of papers I’ve been harbouring for a very long time. Every time I moved it came with me. I’d obviously hung it up on a wall somewhere at a time long ago. I thought I’d share it […]

“Unworthy” is a lie

Oh my gosh – it’s happened again. The serendipity, that is.   I just finished another Desire Map session with a client tonight. At the end of each session I will pull a card from the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck. I haven’t used this deck a ton yet, but every time I pull a card (or […]