Are you feeling a little bit “snakey”?

creativity-quotes-amp-inspiration-im-too-fancy-1407757095k4g8nDo you ever feel a little out of sorts, or agitated, when you haven’t been able to create any artwork / jewelry / scrapbook pages / woodturning / (insert hobby here) for a while?

I know I do.

I start to get really antsy, or “snakey” as I call it, when I’ve let too much time lapse between creative sessions.

Be careful with that.

When your creativity is suffering from lack of use the rest of your life suffers too. Things getting out of balance in one area can cause repercussions in other areas as well.

Life coaches commonly use a simple tool to show where your life might be out of balance. It’s a very easy exercise where you simply mark on a wheel showing the eight life areas, on a scale from 1-10, how you feel that area of your life is ranking in the grand scheme of things.

Connect the dots and you’ll see exactly where your life is out of balance!  (You can find various versions of this worksheet on the internet, just search for “wheel of life”.)

If your creativity is suffering you’ll probably see another area of your life that needs some attention too – it’s all about getting to “well-balanced”.

After an evening of crafting I feel much better! For me I get into “the flow” – you know what I mean – that state of bliss where you’re inspired and could create for hours.

Once I get an evening or two like this under my belt I can focus in my job, have more ideas for my business, more patience with my kids, and deal with my partner more lovingly. I’m a much nicer person when I am able to fulfill my creative needs.

Be sure to book some time in your calendar every week for creativity. And make it non-negotiable!

So – do you tend to feel a little “snakey” sometimes when you’ve gone too long between creative sessions? How do you get back to well-balanced?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

In love and creativity… Dawn

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