Are you in a long-distance relationship?

I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 10 years. That’s right… 10 years.  

Most couples are able to “close the distance” in 14 months on average. But not us… we just had to be different. *wink*

Soon I’ll be releasing a program I’ve developed to help those of us in long-distance relationships (LDRs) cope with the extreme ups and downs of the situation we find ourselves in.

“Going the Distance: Learn to Love Your Long-distance Relationship” is designed over 8-weeks and covers such topics as trust and communication (of course), money, self-care, managing your emotions, meeting your own needs and transition. Included are lots of great interviews with experts in these areas!

Head on over to GoingTheDistance.Love to get your free e-book – “10 Tips for Surviving Your LDR” and get notified when the program is ready!