My circumstances had taken a dramatic turn: from being about to be married and living in my dream house,
to being single and living in a rental. I realized that I had been trying to live someone else’s life. Dawn believed in me when I couldn’t. I was able to reconnect with myself and learn to meet my own emotional needs. I’m now back to being that happier version of myself. When I began coaching I was afraid to be as adventurous as I once was – the day after our coaching series ended I was off to Iceland on a photographic excursion! My experience coaching with Dawn was the best thing I could have done for myself. 

 ~ Krystal Pyke, Maple Ridge, BC 




My life had taken a drastic turn for the worse, leaving me completely unsure what direction to head in. I needed to do some deep soul searching. Without knowing what to expect from life coaching, I decided to try it — and Dawn was truly amazing! She is so easy to talk to and offers a very balanced perspective. Because of the work we did together, I now feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon with the tools I need to emerge as a butterfly! 

Nicole Mackie, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

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I’m one of Dawn’s biggest cheerleaders, and for good reason. I was in a rut, broken, and searching for happiness after some hurtful changes to my life. But after our sessions together, I now have the energy to make hopeful change in my life. Dawn’s caring, attentive, and professional coaching helped me find the answers that were always there — I just needed to listen. She’s a wonderful life coach!

– Jens Nielsen, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada





I couldn’t imagine making the changes I wanted in my life without her help — Dawn was incredibly supportive and warm, and her enthusiasm helped keep me motivated and inspired. I feel much more confident in myself and my ability to take action toward the goals that matter to me. I am very proud of my ability to avoid busywork now and just focus on what will really make a difference.

– Caroline Donahue, aka “The Book Doctor”, Los Angeles, California, USA 





TammyS TestimonialI tried life coaching because my lack of confidence had left me feeling dissatisfied at work. My sessions with Dawn improved my sense of self-worth, and now I know I deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. My boss noticed a difference right away — I’m able to stand up for myself, and I realize that I can obtain goals I previously thought were unattainable. Dawn is a great life coach and I would recommend her to anyone!

Tammy Seymour, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada






Dawn is such an amazing life coach! My experience with her has been inspiring, fun, and rewarding. She helped me see my situation objectively when I was too close to see it on my own, and I love how she “connected the dots” so that I realized how much progress I’d made. After working with Dawn, I now know how to take time for and take care of myself. I will continue to use life coaching — I know it works!

– Janis Douglas, Springfield, Missouri, USA




I was lost and had forgotten how to dream; I was searching for a new beginning. Now my taste for adventure has returned and I have found a positive direction to move forward in my life! It was such an outstanding positive experience — educational and life-changing — I wouldn’t change a thing! I just want to say thank you for making a difference in my life.

– Stacey G., Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada