“Unworthy” is a lie

Oh my gosh – it’s happened again.

The serendipity, that is.  

Whitehorse-20151008-00031Whitehorse-20151008-00032I just finished another Desire Map session with a client tonight. At the end of each session I will pull a card from the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck. I haven’t used this deck a ton yet, but every time I pull a card (or one jumps out of the deck, as it did this time) it is spot on.

And we choose a Truthbomb card.

Both cards interestingly enough TOTALLY RELATED TO ME! My client had little to say about each card, but WOW – right on the money for ME.

“Unworthy” is a lie.

Truthbomb_881First, I’ll speak to the #Truthbomb card. I’ve struggled the past few years with “feeling worthy” – and I often wonder, as women, why do we feel so conflicted with this?

For example, if I were to sit beside you and look into your eyes and say “You are worthy of love!” What would your emotional and/or physical response be?  I tried this with my friend one time – and she had a total meltdown, tears, etc.

So why do we not feel worthy?  Worthy of love, of having what we want, of our deepest desires? Who are you to NOT have what you WANT and DESIRE? Where does this limiting belief come from?

Take a stand and speak your truth. Realize you are worthy of being loved and don’t let anyone treat you less than. It is up to you to respect and protect your spirit. This is your life and your journey, make the best of it. Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your happiness. ~ Melanie Koulouris

I know the journey to my own self-worth was a long and arduous one – and I’m not exactly sure when the shift happened. I have made the effort to do a lot of “self-work” in the past few years so that I can now feel “self-worth”. The Desire Map process, of course, has been a HUGE support in helping me get to a place where I know I am worthy.

Self-work = Self-worth

In the comments below tell me

1) If I were to say to you “You are worthy” how do you feel?

2) Have you struggled to feel worthy in the past and if you’ve overcome that feeling how did you get there?

Stay tuned for Part II of this post where I delve into my synchronicity with the oracle deck.

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