What is a life coach?


Quote attributed to Martin Luther King Jr.


Don’t only CEO’s of big companies use a coach? Who on earth would need coaching with their life?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions you’re not alone. Many people wonder what the heck a life coach is and why they would ever need one.

A life coach focuses on what is currently going on in your life, areas that you may want to change, bring clarity to and help you develop an actionable plan toward your desired future, providing encouragement and support the whole way through.



Who can benefit from working with a life coach? Are you:

  • Unsure where your passion went to?
  • Know you are meant for more meaningful work but not sure what that is?
  • In transition (experiences a recent divorce or life change)?
  • Having a hard time figuring out how to achieve your goals?
  • Perhaps a little ADD, like me, and need some accountability?

Sometimes we have beliefs, ideas and thoughts that we are completely unconscious of that get in the way and keep sabotaging us. We can never figure out why we can’t seem to get ahead. By working with a life coach you can push through these blocks and get what you truly want out of life.

A life coach can assist you in tapping into your own potential, wisdom and creativity.

A life coach can help you find self-confidence, explore your dreams more fully, find a new career or relationship and expand your idea of what is truly possible in your life.

Life coaching is not therapy. Therapy or counseling is required if you are still agonizing over the past and continue to look backward.

Life coaching looks forward, it is not about “fixing” – it’s about creating the life you’ve always wanted and achieving clarity through the life coach asking powerful questions and finding those answers within yourself.

Key qualities of life coaching

  • Focused on creating positive changes
  • Forward looking
  • Action oriented
  • Gets you inspired and motivated
  • Keeps you accountable
  • Asks the tough questions
  • Challenges you to grow
  • Supports you through challenges
  • Impartial and without judgment
  • It’s all about you!

Change can be uncomfortable and a life coach is there to encourage and support you through that.

As a client you need to have the desire and commitment to make a change.

They way that I have been trained as a life coach is very heart-centered. I’ll create a safe, supportive space for you to achieve whatever it is you want out of life and allow you to take those risks.

If you’ve ever struggled to move forward with your life then let’s connect for a complimentary chat, connect with me at hello (at) dawnpriestley (dot) com.