Life Purpose Oracle Readings

  • Is your job making you ill?

  • Are you struggling to find your “life’s purpose”?

  • Do you know that you need a change in career, but not sure what that is?  

  • Are you wondering what’s next?

When you are unsure about your life’s purpose you carry stress and anxiety. So why not ask The Universe (aka spirit, your guardian angels) for some guidance and support?

  • Using this gorgeous deck from Doreen Virtue we’ll consult the cards – either a 1-card or 3-card pull.

  • Your reading also includes one card from Inna Segal’s gorgeous deck – The Secret Language of Color to help you unlock the extraordinary healing properties of color; and

  • a safe space to dream, contemplate the possibilities, think out loud without judgement and receive down-to earth life and career coaching from Dawn .


When you know your purpose, life takes on harmonious and abundant qualities.

3 Life Purpose Cards + 1 Color Card

45 minutes, $60 USD

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1 Life Purpose Card + 1 Color Card

15 minutes, $25 USD

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