Your Strengths Strategy Session

“You grow most in your areas of greatest strength. You will improve the most, be the most creative, be the most inquisitive, and bounce back the fastest in those areas where you have already show some natural advantage over everyone else – your strengths. This doesn’t mean you should ignore your weaknesses. It just means you’ll grow most where you’re already strong.”

~ Marcus Buckingham, “Now, Discover Your Strengths”


Strengths Strategy Session Pre-questionnaire

Here's a few questions to help me get to know you and what you feel your current strengths are and how you play to them currently in your career.
  • A forgotten dream or wish that's been buried?
  • Why? What was it about that job that you hated it so much?
  • Why? What tasks were you doing in this job that made it so great?
  • (Hobbies, subject matter, etc.)
  • What are you doing when you feel “in the flow” and lose track of time? Both at work and in your spare time?
  • Mainly at work, but at home too.
  • Which ones would you go to? What would they be about?
  • Who was there? What did you say to them? What did they ask you? How did they offer to help you?
  • You never ran out of things to say and could have kept talking much longer.
  • Did you know?
  • Did your parents make you feel perhaps it wasn’t a “smart” or “safe” career choice, e.g. “starving artist”?
  • When life is said and done – what is the legacy you want to leave for the world?